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JTSI Supervised PhD Theses

Student Thesis Title Thesis Year
Abdoun, Amane Investigation of Fluorite and Perovskite Materials for Energy Applications  2019
Aftab, Sadaf Clean up of bleed air contamination 2019
Aljaberi, Ahmed Daghash Development and characterisation of an A-site deficient perovskite as alternative anode material for SOFC  2012
Attidekou, Pierrot Sassou Optimisation of peformance and tin oxide based anodes for high energy density lithium batteries  2005
Belliard, Frederique Electrochemical and xray studies on various tin-based-oxides as potential negative electrodes for Li-ion batteries  2001
Bonaccorso, Alfredo Damiano Development of tubular hybrid direct carbon fuel cell and pyrolyse of biomass for the production of carbon fuel 2012
Bradley, John Perovskite and related phases for solid oxide fuel cells 2002
Buchanan, Richard Alexander Investigation of the yttria-zirconia-titania-ceria system for potential SOFC materials 2003
Canales Vazquez, Jesus Studies on oxygen excess perovskite based titanates for SOFC fuel electrodes 2003
Carins, George  In-Situ Neutron Scattering Studies of Energy Materials 2016
Caux, Marine Metal Loaded Graphitic Hydrogen Production and the Development of an Innovative Photo-Thermal Reactor 2018
Chan, Namgung Stoichiometry and property relations in the high-T ceramic superconductors 1991
Chavez Cardenas, Hirepan Search for Novel Oxide Ion Conductors: Lanthanide Titanate Based Compounds for Electrochemical Applications 2018
Clarke, Richard Coatings on stainless steel for solid oxide fuel cell interconnects  2012
Corcoran, Derek John Thermal, structural and electrical characterisation of novel proton conducting oxides for solid oxide fuel cell applications 2001
Corre, Gael Pierre Germain Studies of alternative anodes and ethanol fuel for SOFC’s  2009
De Araujo Lamas Viana, Gil Characterisation of proton conducting oxides for the electrochemical reverse water gas shift reaction in solid oxide fuel cells 2007
De Carvalho Tomás, Eduarda Maria Soares Characterisation of the ceria and yttria co-doped scandia zirconia; produced by an innovative sol-gel and combustion process 2010
Dehaney-Steven, Zac Development and Testing of Mixed Phase Oxygen Transport Membranes 2017
Dickson, Stewart Alan Mackenzie Multivalent Thermal Batteries: Concept, Development and Advances 2019
Dobson, Jeremy William Louis Structural investigations of some novel doped zirconias with potential as solid oxide fuel cell electrolytes 2002
Eccleston, Kelcey Solid oxide steam electrolysis for high temperature hydrogen production 2006
Efstathiou, Paraskevi Investigating Sr1-xNbO4 for the evolution and as part of systems attempting water splitting under visible light irridation 2014
Fagg, Duncan Anodes for solid oxide fuel cells 1996
Feighery, Alan Zirconia based electroceramic materials for SOFC applications 1998
Fina, Federica Metal loaded g-C3N4 for visible light driven H2 production 2014
Fray, Susan Synthesis and characterisation of novel bismuthates 1996
Gamble, Stephen Richard Reversible solid oxide fuel cells as energy conversion and storage devices 2011
Giagloglou, Kyriakos The identification and down selection of suitable cathode materials for use in next generation thermal batteries 2017
Gibson, Iain  The characterisation and electrical properties of novel 8 mode percent yttria-stabilised zirconias  1995
Gover, Richard New studies on reduced lithium titanates  1997
Huang, Xiubing Transition metal based oxides for oxygen storage and energy related applications 2015
Irvine, Gavin J Studies of Hydride Ion Conductors using Combined Spectroscopy Techniques 2021
Hui, Jianing Defect Chemistry in Perovskite Titanate from Materials to Interfaces 2018
Jones, Fran Tape casting co-firing and electrical characterisation of a novel design solid oxide fuel cell SOFCRoll 2005
Kim, Eun Jeong Positive electrode materials for high energy rechargeable batteries 2019
Klinsrisuk, Sujitra Novel electrocatalytical membrane for ammonia synthesis 2010
Kothari, Maadhav A Trojan horse route to emergent active and stable platinum nanoparticles from a perovskite system 2019
Lashtabeg, Anna Niobium based materials for use as current collectors in the anode of solid oxide fuel cells 2004
Li, Da New advanced electrode materials for lithium-ion battery 2018
Linnell, Stephanie Exploration of vanadium sulfates as positive electrodes for battery applications 2020
Lu, Lanying Studies of anode supported solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) based on Li and Ca-Doped SrTiO3  2015
Mao, Donglai Investigation of surface modification of perovskite with different catalysts 2016
Mottram, Andrew Development of a Continuous Hybrid Direct Carbon Fuel Cell and Related Studies 2016
Mitchell, Brian Oxygen and its control over structural and electronic properties of Pb based 1212 1997
Muhl, Thuy Thanh LiFeO2 as an anode material for high temperature fuel cells 2014
Neagu, Dragos Materials and microstructures for high temperature electrochemical devices through control of perovskite defect chemistry  2013
Ni, Chengsheng Optimisation and testing of large ceramic impregnated solid oxide fuel cells 2014
Nowicki, Kamil The development of SOFC with perovskite electrodes by co-sintering and co-casting method 2022
Ovalle, Alejandro Manganese titanium perovskites as anodes for solid oxide fuel cells 2008
Papargyriou, Despoina Materials and catalysts incorporation for the fuel oxidation layer of oxygen transport membranes 2017
Patabendige, Chami Nilasha Kahakachchi Material characterisation, phase transitions, electrochemical properties and possible fuell cell applications of Nd2-xPrxCuO4 and Nd2-x-yLayPrxCuO4 systems  2012
Plint, Steven Mark Compositional design and fabrication of a perovskite anode for the integrated planar solid oxide fuel cell  2007
Price, Robert Metal/ Metal Oxide Co-Impregnated Lanthanum Strontium Calcium Titanate Anodes for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells 2018
Qadri, Syed Noorullah Development of a Double-Layered Perovskite as Alternative Anode Material for High Temperature Steam Electrolysis 2014
Randorn, Chamnan Synthesis and characterisation of materials for photoelectrochemical applications 2010
Ross, Iona Investigation and Development of Cuprous Delafossites for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Cathodes 2016
Satapathy, Akshaya Kumar Layered perovskites as cathode materials for IT-SOFC 2015
Saxin, Stefan A possible low intermediate temperature proton conductor based on silicon oxide phosphate 2015
Schlegl, Harald Microstructure and electrochemical performance of fully ceramic composite anodes for SOFCs 2014
Sharp, Matthew David The Ba-Pb-O system and its potential as a solid oxide fuell cell (SOFC) cathode material 2007
Sheikh, Ansar Structural and electronic properties of reduced magnesium titanates 1996
Smith, Martin John Structure and magnetism in the spinel ZnV2O4 and related studies 2003
Stefan, Elena Development of spinel-based electrode supports for solid oxide fuel cells 2013
Tesfai, Alem Solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCRoll) single cell and stack design and development 2013
Tham, Mark  A Study on Ge5O(PO4)6: An Oxide Ion Conductor 2016
Tolchard, Julian Richard Structural electrochemical and magnetic studies of some lithium titanates and lithium titanium ferrites 2001
Tovar, Lorena Garza  Diagrama de fases propiedades electricas en el sistema Na:Ca:Al:F 1996
Tsimekas, Georgios Optimization of Spray pyrolysis for Cathode-Supported Solid Oxide Fuel Cells 2019
Umar, Ahmed Utilisation of residues from biodiesel production in fuel cells 2013
Verbraeken, Maarten Christiaan Doped alkaline earth (nitride) hydrides  2009
Wang, Mei Metal Nanoparticle Growth through in situ Exsolution from Barium Cerate Zirconate 2021
Wilson, Stephy Synthesis and characterisation of novel ion conductors 2019
Xu, Xiaoxiang Development of new proton conducting materials for intermediate temperature fuel cells 2009
Yang, Xuedi Cathode development for solid oxide electrolysis cells for high temperature hydrogen production 2009
Yue, Xiangling The development of alternate cathodes for high temperature solid oxide electrolysis cells 2013
Zhang, Shuoshuo Fluorite Type Oxide-Ion Conductors: New Approaches 2021
Zhang, Yaoqing Exploring novel functionalities in oxide ion conductors with excess oxygen 2011


Previous MPhil Students

Barata, Olga Syntheses and characterisation of Pb1-xSnxF2 1994
Sharp, Matthew David The Ba-Pb-O System and its Potential as a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) Cathode Material


Sutherland, John, D. W. Studies of possible solid oxide fuel cell anode materials in the MgO:TiO2:ZrO2 ternary system 1997


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