Abhinav Tripathi

Postdoctoral Researcher, 2020 – Present

Abhinav completed his B.Tech. (Bachelor in Technology) in Mechanical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Patna in the year 2013. During under-graduation, he did his internship under Prof. Ramanan Krishnamoorti at University of Houston which piqued his interest in Material Science.

After a 2-year stint in industry from 2013-2015, he started his PhD in battery materials at National University of Singapore(NUS) under the supervision of Prof. Palani Balaya. His research focus was to investigate redox active materials for Sodium ion batteries.

Abhinav’s current project at JTSI lab is to study anode materials for Na-ion batteries, and his research is funded by the NEXGENNA project of the Faraday Institution.

Contact information

@: at295@st-andrews.ac.uk


  1. Tripathi, A., Chen, Y., Padhy, H., Manzhos, S. and Balaya, P. (2019), Experimental and Theoretical Studies of Trisodium‐1,3,5‐Benzene Tricarboxylate as a Low‐Voltage Anode Material for Sodium‐Ion Batteries. Energy Technol, 7: 1801030.
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