Current Projects


Project Title Sponsor Sponsor Code
Sodium Ion Scaling (SIUS) ETP
Battery Studies Industry

Feasibility Study of Biodiesal Production at Heterogeneous Catalysts

Innovate UK TS/R000395/1
Design and evaluation of nano-socketed materials in heterogeneous catalysis Industry
Novel Oxide Anodes for SOFCs Industry
Economical production of SWCNT, MWCNT, Bundle-CNT and Graphene and further development of CO2 Splitting AGT
Development of Combined In situ Neutron Diffraction and Electrochemical Studies STFC
REFLOW: Renewable Energy from Fish Lipid Oil Waste Innovate UK TS/R000395/1
Optimising Solar Thermal Production of Hydrogen Industry
Redox-thermal stable catalyst oxide for partial oxidation reforming KIST
 Synthetic Fuels  Industry
Development of Waste-to-energy One-Stage Fuel Cells for Un-pyrolysed Waste DSTL  DSTLX-1000101144
Designing layered photocatalysts with tailored properties for solar fuels The Royal Society NA140077
In-reservoir destruction of Blue-Green Algae and their toxins EPSRC EP/P029280/1
Hydrogen and Fuel Cell SUPERGEN Hub Extension EPSRC EP/P024807/1
Energy Materials-Discovery, Characterisation and Application EPSRC EP/K015540/1
Flame Solid oxide fuel cells EPSRC EP/K021036/1
Multiscale Tuning of Interfaces and surfaces for energy application EPSRC EP/P007821/1
Tailoring of microstructural evolution in impregnated SOFC electrodes EPSRC EP/M014304/1