Shuoshuo Zhang

PhD Student, 2016 – Present

Shuoshuo Zhang graduated with a MChem degree in chemistry from University of St Andrews (2011-2016). She joined the JTSI group as a project student working on “zirconia-based electrolyte produced by net shape technology” in her 4th year. Then she moved to a slightly different research field for a year working with Prof. Manfred Buck on “electrodeposition on the nanoscale using self-assembled monolayers”. After that she decided to start a PhD with Prof. John Irvine and Dr. Cristian Savaniu to continue the work investigating new electrolyte materials for SOFCs application.

Her current work focuses on synthesis, processing and characterisation of co-doped scandia stabilised zirconia (SSZ). The objective is to optimise the conductivity and stability of the material for IT-SOFCs application. Her research interests lie in the fields of materials, ceramic processing, solid-state ionics, fuel cells and nanotechnology.

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