Alfredo Damiano Bonaccorso

Postdoctoral Researcher, 2012 – Present

Dr Alfredo Damiano Bonaccorso is a senior researcher with a wide experience in the field of electrochemical characterization of SOFC/SOEC, functional inorganic materials, catalysis and electro-catalysis. In addition, he has also proven knowledge and expertise on optimization and integration of chemical processes used to convert organic waste (biomass, oils, alcohol) into fuel as syngas and liquid fuel.

Damiano has completed a Ph.D. at University of St Andrews and his work focussed on the study of ceramic processing and electrochemical characterization of solid oxide fuel cell. In addition, his studies also focussed the investigation of thermochemical decomposition process of biomass to produce solid carbon fuel for the solid oxide fuel cell.

In 2012, Damiano took up a post-doctoral position at Technical University of Denmark in the group of applied electrochemistry directed by Prof. Anke Hagan. His work focussed on electrochemical characterization of solid oxide electrolysis cell operating under high pressure for production of synthetic fuel from steam and carbon dioxide.

In 2015, Damiano joined the Prof. John Irvine group and he has been involved in several research projects such as studies of catalytic thermal-decomposition mechanisms of waste material at different operating condition, heterogeneous catalysis, optimization process and design and development of test set up.

Recently, he is co-investigator research in two InnovateUK project in collaboration with Green fuel research on valorisation of waste fish oil

On-going research project projects:

·  Feasibility Study of Biodiesel Production at Heterogeneous Catalysts

·  REFLOW: Renewable Energy from Fish Lipid Oil Waste

Contact information


Academic degrees

PhD Chemistry from University of St Andrews, UK;
MSc. Industrial Chemistry,  from department of chemistry at University of Catania;
BSc. Industrial Chemistry from department of chemistry at University of Catania;
Research Training  Program as expert in transfer technology and polymeric material for food packaging.

Selected publications

  1. Bonaccorso, A. D., Jiang, C., Ma, J. & Irvine, J. T. S.- Studies of current collection configurations and sealing for tubular hybrid-DCFCInternational Journal of Hydrogen Energy.2016, 41, (41), p. 18788-18796
  2. Hendriksen and M. B. Mogensen X. Sun*, A. D. Bonaccorso, C. Graves, S. D. Ebbesen, S. H. Jensen, A. Hagen, P. Holtappels. Performance characterization of solid oxide cells under high pressure – Fuel Cells journal – 2015, 15 (5), p 697-702
  3. Pointon, K., Irvine, J. T. S.& Bonaccorso, A. D. Carbon-Fuelled Solid Oxide Cells for Military Applications – ECS Transactions 2013, 51 (1), p. 141-153
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