Wen Cui

Joint Ph.D. candidate, October 2019 – October 2020

Wen Cui is a second-year Ph. D. student from Southwest Petroleum University and she as a joint Ph. D. candidate joined in Prof. John T.S. Irvine’s group in October 2019. During her previous research, she focused on combining material characterization techniques and theoretical simulations to reveal the photocatalytic reaction pathway and promotion mechanism, and thus to conduct the development of efficient photocatalysts for air pollution control.

In the next one year, Wen Cui will study on the photocatalytic CO2 reduction reaction. In order to optimize the photocatalytic activity, the selectivity of products and the stability of photocatalyst, her research will focus on using supporting electrolytes as a medium to regulate the photocatalytic efficiency. And then the promotion mechanism of photocatalysis could be illuminated by exploring the relationship among photocatalysts, supporting electrolytes and catalytic efficiency.