Nikoletta Gkoulemani

CRITICAT PhD Student, 2018 – Present

Nikoletta studied chemistry in the University of Patras and in 2018 she finished her master’s in Catalysis, Antipollution and Green Energy Production in the same institution. For her master’s thesis she studied the catalytic properties of nickel catalysts supported on the binary oxide of lanthana-alumina doped with palladium and the behavior of this catalytic system in the dry reforming of methane process. She worked in the physicochemical characterization of the catalysts and in the analytical part of the process. She started her PhD studies in September of 2018 as a member of the Criticat CDT program. She will conduct her PhD under the supervision of Prof John Irvine in the field of heterogeneous photocatalysis on the development of catalysts for the conversion of biomass feedstocks such as cellulose and glycerol into simpler molecules for the production of valuable chemicals.

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