Julie Nairn

Research Technician, 2002 – Present

Julie is responsible for the day to day running of the research group laboratories and maintains lab equipment. She also ensures that all safety procedures are implemented and that risk assessments are completed for a safe working environment.

Julie has been involved in the research & development of the SOFC roll solid oxide fuel cell, reversible fuel cell and tubular solid oxide fuel cell and has the knowledge and skills that are required for preparing slurries , tape casting and constructing the above fuel cells.

She also has many years of experience and knowledge of the materials and techniques that are used for the research within the research group.

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Selected publications

1. Tesfai, Alem; Connor, Paul; Nairn, Julie; Irvine, John T. S.,
Journal of Fuel Cell and Technology, vol. 8(6), 2011,
Thermal cycling evaluation of rolled tubular solid oxide fuel cells

2. Irvine, John Thomas Sirr; Nairn, Julie Margaret; Connor, Paul Alexander; Rennie, James; Feighery, Alan; Jones, Frances Gwyneth Elaine; Eccleston, Kelcey Lynne; Attidekou, Pierrot Sassou,
PCT Int. Appl. (2007), WO 2007091050 A1 20070816,
Reversible fuel cell

3. Jones, Fran G. E.; Connor, Paul A.; Feighery, Alan J.; Nairn, Julie; Rennie, Jim; Irvine, John T. S.,
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SOFCRoll development at St. Andrews Fuel Cells Ltd