The University of St Andrews is home to several new microscopes, funded through the EPSRC’s Capital for Great Technologies grant. A new FEI Scios Dualbeam combines a high resolution scanning electron microscope and gallium ion beam for selective milling of the sample. This enables a wide range of imaging options as well as the ability to cross-section and image a sample in-situ and prepare samples for transmission electron microscopy.

This is complemented by a new Titan Themis 200 – a transmission and scanning transmission electron microscope (S/TEM) designed to image and analyse materials at sub-atomic resolutions. It is also equipped with a Super-X high sensitivity windowless EDX detector for rapid compositional analysis and a Gatan Enfinium EELS Detector, which improves analysis of light elements and allows for additional information on bonding and oxidation states to be acquired.

These facilities are available to both internal and external users, and use by both other universities and companies alike is encouraged. If you require any analysis of samples please do not hesitate to contact David Miller for further information on pricing and use of the microscopes, or visit the Electron Microscope Facility website to learn more about available analysis.