Cameron Bathgate

PhD Student, 2018 – Present

Cameron Bathgate studied at the University of St Andrews graduating with a first-class honour for his MChem with materials chemistry and a year placement. The industry placement was based in Trondheim, Norway, working for SINTEF on a project to develop secondary Zinc-air batteries. Most of his attention was focused on material choice, and electrochemical performance, of cathodes as a gas diffusion electrode. He used hydrothermal synthesis routes for the oxide materials and then performing cyclic voltammetry analysis in different pH environments. The work developed his interest in energy materials and in his master’s year he worked on developing ceria material for ethanol based solid oxide fuel cells, gaining experience in impedance spectrometry.

In 2018, Cameron started his PhD research, supported by the Faraday Institute, in optimising the interface of solid electrolyte with cathodes and anodes in Li-ion batteries. His work includes wetting infiltration of selected oxides at the interfaces of cathode and performing impedance analysis to optimise applications of Li-ion batteries.

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