Aida Fuente Cuesta

aida_P1010711_editedPostdoctoral Researcher, 2013 – Present

Dr. Fuente Cuesta obtained her M.S. Degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Oviedo in 2007. In December 2012 she defended her PhD Thesis focused on the development of materials (biomass gasification chars) for the control of mercury emissions from coal-based power station. During her PhD, awarded by the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), she collaborated with the Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN, Group of Biomass-Bioenergy) and the Chemical Engineering Department of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Since August 2013 she works in the research group of Professor John Irvine as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow within the framework of a European Project for the development of Direct Coal Fuel Cells (DCFC). Her main research interests lie within the fields of Energy and Environment, with special emphasis on the development of novel materials and technologies for energy production and storage, exploitation of biomass as renewable source of energy and materials precursor, and development of technologies for the control of pollutants emissions (CO2 and heavy metals).

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Academic degrees

PhD Degree with International mention in Chemical Engineering, University of Oviedo
Occupational Health and Safety Technical Expert (work safety, industrial hygiene and ergonomics and applied psychology). Escuela de Alta Gestión Empresarial (E.A.G.E.). Accrediting entity Nº3/008-98
Chemical Engineering (specialisation in Environmental Technology), University of Oviedo

Selected publications

M.A. López-Antón, M. Díaz-Somoano, A. Fuente Cuesta, A. Rubio Riesco, M.R. Martínez-Tarazona.
Speciation of Cr and its leachability in coal by-products from Spanish coal combustion plants.
Journal of Environmental Monitoring, vol. 10, 778-781, 2008

R. Ochoa, E. Díaz Martínez, O. Font, C. Leiva, A. Fuente Cuesta, M. Díaz-Somoano, M. A. López-Antón, M. Izquierdo, S. Rico, X. Querol, M. R. Martínez-Tarazona, C. Fernandez, P. Gómez, A. Giménez.
Study of boron behaviour in two Spanish coal combustion power plants.
Journal of Environmental Management, vol. 92, 2586-2589, 2011

A. Fuente-Cuesta, M. Díaz-Somoano, M.A. López-Antón, M. Cieplik, J.L.G. Fierro, M.R. Martínez-Tarazona.
Biomass gasification chars for mercury capture from a simulated flue gas of coal combustion.
Journal of Environmental Management, vol. 98, 23-28, 2012

A. Fuente-Cuesta, M.A. López-Antón, M. Díaz-Somoano, M.R. Martínez-Tarazona.
Retention of mercury by low-cost sorbents: influence of flue gas composition and fly ash occurrence.
Chemical Engineering Journal, vol. 213, 16-21, 2012

A. Fuente-Cuesta, M.A. López-Antón, M. Díaz-Somoano, A.van Zomeren, M. Cieplik, M.R. Martínez-Tarazona.
Leaching of major and trace elements from plastic-paper gasification chars: an experimental and modelling study.
Journal of Hazardous Materials, vol. 244-245, 70-76, 2013

A. Fuente-Cuesta,
Scientific outline: Low-cost sorbents for control of gaseous mercury emissions (Thesis Dissertation).
Materiales en Adsorción y Catálisis, Revista del Grupo Especializado de Adsorción de la RSEQ, vol. 5, 25-26, 2013

San Alberto Magno Award to the Best Scientific and Technological Research (“Utilization of biomass gasification chars for the capture of mercury compounds”) organized by the Official College of Chemists of Principado de Asturias-León and the Association of Chemists of Asturias