Xiang Gao

PhD Student, 2017 Present
Xiang Gao joined the research group of Professor John Irvine in September 2017 starting his doctoral project. His Bachelor degree (2010–2014) was in Metallurgy Engineering from Northeastern University, China and he received a first-class Master Degree (2014–2017) from the Northeastern University, China in Metallurgy and Materials Science. During his Master period, he was involved in development of dense diffusion barrier limiting current oxygen sensor fabricated by using perovskites based on the LSGM solid electrolyte and laser cladding and co-pressed and co-sintered method. He has published five journal articles about the perovskites and oxygen sensor to reveal the principle of oxide-ion diffuse through perovskites in oxygen sensor. After graduation, he was funded by the China Scholarship Council (CSC) and University of St Andrews scholarships to pursue doctoral study in School of Chemistry. In the next few years, Xiang Gao will study on investigating new materials and improving microstructure for SOFC anodes or SOEC cathodes connected with exsolution. He is quite interested in the ceramic processing, characterization, defect chemistry and performance in chemical energy device of perovskite materials, and will focus on the principle of catalytic and exsolution process.