Stephy Wilson

PhD Student, 2015 – Present

Stephy WilsonStephy graduated with a BSc Hons degree in Chemistry from University of Glasgow in 2015. Her research interests lie in material science and catalysis. Her final year project title was ‘Layered nitrides as functional materials for energy application’.  The project was based on the synthesis and characterisation of subnitrides and ternary nitrides. The as-synthesised subnitrides were further investigated in collaboration with Dr Nicolas Emery (Institute of Chemistry and Materials Paris East, France) in order to understand the possibility of electrochemically incorporating Li or Na between the layers of the subnitride structure; potentially use as electrodes in rechargeable batteries.  The as-synthesised ternary nitrides were further analysed to confirm its superconductivity in collaboration with Prof Ivan Schuller (UC San Diego, Department of Physics California, USA) via novel magnetic field modulated microwave spectroscopy methods.

The title of her PhD project is ‘Synthesis and characterisation of novel ion conductors’. She mainly focuses on the synthetic strategies of hydrides and characterisation of these hydrides using different techniques. The highly air sensitive nature of the hydride materials makes the research challenging. However, high electric conductivity of hydrides can lead to the development of novel ion conductors.