Current projects




Project Title Sponsor Sponsor Code
Metal supported SOFC technology for stationary and mobile applications (METSAPP) European Union 278257
Battery Studies Industry

Wolfson Merit Award

Closing the Carbon Cycle with Solid State Electrochemistry

The Royal Society WRMA 2012/R2
Development of nanostructured solid oxide cell for H2O/ CO2 Co-electrolysis Scottish Funding Council
Novel Oxide Anodes for SOFCs Industry
CO2 Splitting Industry
Knowledge Transfer partnership – to increase knowledge and understanding of the application of Fuel Cells in the built environment TSB/CIBSE KTP009257
Oxide Anodes Industry
Optimising Solar Thermal Production of Hydrogen Industry
Redox-thermal stabel catalyst oxide for partial oxidation reforming KIST
Development of anode for direct hydrocarbon solid oxide fuel cell UKIERI-DST
Visible light response TiO2 nanotube array for artificial photosynthesis Royal Society of Edinburgh
Designing layered photocatalysts with tailored properties for solar fuels The Royal Society NA140077
Crossing Boundaries in Energy Storage EPSRC EP/I022570/1
Hydrogen and Fuel Cell SUPERGEN Hub EPSRC EP/J016454/1
Tailoring Electrocatalytic Materials by Controlled surface Exsolution EPSRC EP/J018414/1
Energy Materials-Discovery, Characterisation and Application EPSRC EP/K015540/1
Flame Solid oxide fuel cells EPSRC EP/K021036/1
Bioenergy Challenge – Photocatalytic Bioethanlol Production EPSRC EP/K036769/1
All inorganic bulk heterojunction solar cell devices EPSRC EP/K022237/1
Tailoring of microstructural evolution in impregnated SOFC electrodes EPSRC EP/M014304/1
Scaled Electricity Storage Using Lithium-Sulfur Batteries EPSRC EP/N508639/1
Designer Oxides: Reactive-Oxide Molecular Beam Epitaxy System EPSRC EP/M023958/1
Multiscale in-situ characterisation of degradation and reactivity in solid oxide fuel cells EPSRC  EP/I038950/1