Maadhav Kothari

PhD Student, 2015 – Present

Hailing from Liverpool, Maadhav studied both his bachelors and masters in chemistry at the University of Bradford (2010-2014). His main areas of interest lie in; Heterogeneous catalysis, materials chemistry, biomass based platform chemicals, HDO catalysis, perovskites and zeolites.

After his BSc, Maadhav moved to Poznan in Poland to work for National water and soil testing laboratory working within chromatography method development for the testing of contaminated water from the Greater Poland region.

In 2014, Maadhav moved to Litvinov in the Czech Republic working for VUANCH inorganic research institute (part of the Unipetrol group) based in the largest refinery in the Czech Republic. Under the supervision Dr David Kubicka, Maadhav’s work focused on heterogeneous catalysis for the conversion of biomass based feedstocks to fuel, specifically looking at the dealumination of BEA zeolite and its effect in the aldol condensation of furfural and acetone. After completing his masters in industry, Maadhav continued to work as a Junior Researcher working on various heterogeneous catalysis based projects.

Maadhav has now started his PhD under the supervision of Professor John Irvine and Dr David Wails (Johnson Matthey). His work will embody both Dr Dragos Neagu and Prof. John Irvine’s previous work into heterogeneous nano-socketed perovskite catalyst based materials with the aim to design and synthesize materials for various industrial applications.

In his spare time Maadhav enjoys on the amateur level; cycling, rugby, cricket, beer, traditional Czech cuisine, music and networking.

Maadhav is a keen collaborator and would be delighted if anyone who is interested in the topic would like to contact him to discuss potential future collaborations.