Jie Hou

jie-hou-jh299-id39034Joint PhD Student, 2016 – Present

Jie Hou joined John’s group as a joint PhD candidate from 1st Sep, 2016. He is also a PhD student from University of Science and Technology of China. In his PhD career, his main research interests are intermediate/low temperature solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC), especially high performance electrode materials for proton-conducting SOFC (H-SOFC), and low cost technique of fabricating Bi2O3-based high performance low temperature SOFC and its relevant application.

Now his major research interests concentrate on the search of new anode materials for SOFC under the supervisor John. The goal is to develop high catalytically active and durable SOFC anode materials which can operate in both hydrogen and hydrocarbon fuel condition at intermediate/low temperatures with superior performance, including the design of novel materials and structures, and fundamental understanding of related electrochemical processes in SOFC and solid oxide electrolysis cells (SOEC, operating in the reverse manner of solid oxide fuel cells) mode.