Iona Ross

Iona profile picPhD student, 2012 – present
Iona completed her MChem in Materials Science at the University of St Andrews. She joined the Irvine group in her final year for her master’s project, and stayed to study for her PhD.

Iona’s PhD concerns materials for use in solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs), and related applications. Her current area of interest is new or novel materials for the cathode side of the SOFC, with the aim to tackle some of the issues that current materials face. These issues can include, but are not limited to raw materials cost, degradation issues, and issues with integration with the steel support1.

Current materials of interest are a range of copper delafossites, a layered structure that has A+1B+3O2 stoichiometry. Delafossites have been used in thermoelectric2 and optoelectronics3, applications before, where their transparent conductive properties have been useful. The general delafossite has a A1+B3+O2 structure4, with possible A cations being Cu, Ag, Pt and Pd while the B cations can be a range of different transition metals, rare earth metals or p-block metals5.

Contact information

School of Chemistry,
University of St Andrews
St Andrews
Fife KY16 9ST

Tel: +44 (0)1334 463844


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