George Tsimekas

PhD Student, 2014 – Present

George graduated in 2011 with an interdepartmental MSc in Environmental Sciences from University of Patras, and in 2008 with a BSc in Pollution Control Engineering from Technological Institute of West Macedonia in Greece. In 2013 he participated in a research program entitled ´´Optimization of fabrication processes of solid electrolyte fuel cell components for the direct electrochemical oxidation of hydrocarbons´´ under the supervision of Professor N. Kiratzis where he gained significant experience in preparation of thin films of SOFC components utilizing spray pyrolysis techniques. He started his PhD studies in September of 2014 under the supervision of Professor John T.S. Irvine on spray pyrolysis techniques for the preparation of cathode supported solid oxide fuel cells. George’s main objective is to optimize spray pyrolysis techniques in terms of process parameters and prepare ultra-thin electrolyte films exhibiting low ohmic losses that will enable SOFCs to operate at low temperatures.