Christina Crouch

Tina picPhD Student, 2014 – Present
Tina is a part-time PhD student working in the defense industry. She completed her MChem in Chemistry at the University of Warwick in 2003, and her project was ‘Group 4 amidoanisole catalysts for ethene polymerisation’. Tina has worked in industry as a materials scientist and research programme manager, and is now returning to education to complete her PhD in High Temperature Batteries. In her spare time, she enjoys board gaming, mountain biking, and supports re-homing of abandoned greyhounds.

The topic of Tina’s PhD project is ‘Electrolyte-Separator Systems for High Temperature Batteries’. Her work includes the characterisation and understanding of industry standard high temperature systems, and the development and optimisation of novel systems for the future. The research is made challenging by the air-sensitive nature of the materials, and the high operating temperatures of the battery. Tina is developing methodologies for preparing and handling these materials for testing, and collaborating with Kyriakos and Lewis on development of hot single cell testing.