Professor Irvine’s group is a large team of approximately 50 dedicated researchers based at the University of St Andrews.

Current areas of research include:
– Ceramic processing
– Electrochemistry
– Energy efficient processes
– Fuel cell technology
– Heterogeneous catalysis
– Hydrogen
– New materials
– Photoelectrochemistry
– Solid state ionics

JTSI research is diverse but the unifying theme is energy materials.


jtsi200 John T.S Irvine is Professor of Chemistry at the University of St Andrews and holds a Royal Society Wolfson Merit Award. His first degree is in Chemical Physics from Edinburgh University and he obtained a DPhil from the University of Ulster in Photoelectrochemistry. He has 400 publications in refereed scientific journals and leads a group of over 50 researchers.  He is a Co-director of the Energy Technology Partnership, and Co-director of the current Supergen Hydrogen and Fuel Cell hub.  He was re-elected European Councillor of the International Society for Solid State Ionics in 2015. John was awarded the RSC Sustainable Energy Award in 2015, previously being awarded RSC Materials Chemistry (09), Bacon (03) and Beilby (99) awards/medals as well as many International Awards and Fellowships.