Professor Irvine’s group is a large team of approximately 50 dedicated researchers based at the University of St Andrews.

Current areas of research include:
– Ceramic processing
– Electrochemistry
– Energy efficient processes
– Fuel cell technology
– Heterogeneous catalysis
– Hydrogen
– New materials
– Photoelectrochemistry
– Solid state ionics

JTSI research is diverse but the unifying theme is energy materials.



John Irvine is Professor of Chemistry at the University of St Andrews. He has established a significant international research grouping investigating fundamental electrochemistry, solid state chemistry and materials science addressing critical energy problems. This research is driven both by the need to solve the current environmental and energy supply problems facing mankind and an interest in new science that challenges conventional assumptions.

Irvine has over 450 publications and has an WoS h-index of 63. Irvine’s research has been recognised by a number of national and international awards, including the Schönbein Gold Medal by the European Fuel Cell Forum in 2016, the RSC Sustainable Energy Award in 2015, and the RSC Materials Chemistry, Bacon and Beilby awards/medals. Since 2012 alone he has published 10 Nature-family papers including one on electrochemical switching in Nature in 2016. He has a strong international standing having held senior visiting appointments in the US, Australia and China and has strong links with a number of leading laboratories across the Chinese Academy of Science, including being Thousand Talents professor at Fujian Institute of Research on the Structure of Matter.  He was re-elected European Councillor of the International Society for Solid State Ionics in 2015.